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It currently has more than 20,000 volumes, the oldest dating back to the sixteenth century

Housing a collection of over 20,000 books, the Library belonging to the Royal Maestranza of Cavalry in Ronda offers a specialized service to researchers on topics related to the history of the institution itself, such as genealogy and heraldry, nobility and power elites, horsemanship and cavalry, bullfighting as well as travel literature related to Ronda and the surrounding mountain ranges.

A wealth of books

A wealth of books and collections of graphic and cartographic work can be found at the Maestranza Library.

The main focus of the Library is on:

- keeping abreast of and finding out about news and opportunities.

- sourcing and cataloguing library collections.

- organising the research and lending service.

- contributing to different publications.

Our technical staff takes care of the processing, preservation, expansion and dissemination of the library collection. All of our catalogue of books have been digitalised thanks to the Absys library management programme.


"It has recently undertaken to acquire contemporary publications"

The complete collection available at the Library is a reflection of the origins, essence and aims of the institution, stemming from a historical process: that spans the nobility and their dedication to both horsemanship and bullfighting, up to the institution's strong local character, touching on the reference support lent to the institution's museum collection. Our collection has expanded thanks to the cultural project that we have been running for several years now, including specific historical themes such as the Moors, the Inquisition and the Freemasons as well as lost collections have been handed down that make up a smaller collection. It currently has more than 20,000 volumes, the oldest dating back to the sixteenth century. It has recently undertaken to acquire contemporary publications to complement and update the different sections.

The following are the main collections housed by the library:

Genealogy and heraldry, history of the nobility and power elites

This forms the underlying theme of the Library, and the basis of the scientific events that take place in collaboration with different universities and specialized institutes. Works relating to the Royal Maestranzas and the orders of chivalry can be found in this collection. Existing collections include manuals, directories, treatises, dictionaries, local guides and works related to individuals, families, towns and institutions. Highlights include the Heraldic and genealogical dictionary of Spanish and American surnames (Alberto and Arturo Carraffa, 1957), the Genealogical and heraldic history of the Spanish monarchy, the Royal House and the highest ranking members of the Spanish nobility (F. Fernández de Bethencourt, 10 volumes, 1897-1920), A genealogical illustration of the Catholic kings of Spain, christianissimus in France, and the emperors of Constantinople, up to our lord the Catholic King and his most serene sons (Estevan de Garibay, 1596) and a facsimile edition of the Book of the Knights of the Brotherhood of the Most Holy and Saint James (16th-17th century).

Equestrian art and cavalry

Contains treaties related to horsemanship mainly related to competition, breeding, history, anatomy, hygiene, food and dressage. A highlight of the old collection is the Treatise on the "gineta" and bridle style of horse riding by Juan Suárez de Peralta (1580) and the New Book of escaramuza (skirmish), gala and "gineta" style turns by Bruno Joseph de Morla (1737).

Travel literature about Ronda and the surrounding mountain ranges

Includes bibliography directories, essays and studies on romantic literature related to the above themes and early editions of travel books. Of particular interest are Spain (Barón Ch. Daviller, with illustrations by Gustave Doré, 1876), A picturesque journey through Spain and Portugal (Émile Bégin, with illustrations by Rouarge Frères, 1852) or the four-volume collection of the publication The tourist in Spain (Thomas Roscoe, with drawings by David Roberts, 1835-1838).


"the art of bullfighting by Pepe Hillo (1796) is also very much worth a look"

Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, treatises on art and history related to bullfighting, literature and essays by various authors from across several eras, bullring guides, music, law, photography, journalism, biographies of bullfighters, etc. Two useful references worthy of mention are The Bullfight (1882-1898) and The Arena (from 1944). The treatise Bullfighting or the art of bullfighting by Pepe Hillo (1796) is also very much worth a look.


This collection has a wide range of themes on iconography (engraving, painting and photography), history, well-known people from Ronda, archaeology, farming, agriculture, etc. This collection draws together a wide range of material published related to Ronda.


Other works housed at the library include a complete copy of the Encyclopaedia by Diderot and D'Alambert (1751-1772), the Book of the Grandees and memorabilia of Spain by Pedro de Medina-, the first geographic atlas of Spain-(1549 ) and the Latin American publishing guide by Antonio Palau y Dulcet (1947-1967).

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